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Facebook [Meta] is Dying

Facebook [Meta] is dying – Marketing Expert Opinion

iOS Update killed Facebook[Meta] Advertising

The biggest hit to the industry was the iOS update and how Facebook dealt with it. The lack of communication with Apple and the absence of unique solutions left many marketers feeling let down. This looked like they just don’t care, as long as you keep spending your dollars on their platform. This kind of approach was especially disappointing since Facebook’s Ad Manager is the best there is, while other social media platforms offer very primitive advertising systems.

For example, 

Twitter’s advertising tool is very basic and lacks customization options. 

TikTok with all the buzz around it, is capable only of organic reach while its ads are very primitive, and targeting options are very basic and the campaign objective needs to be improved ASAP. 

Linkedin, well, that’s a whole different story. They have great targeting options, but when it comes to optimization it’s just a disaster, there is even no option to compare two different time ranges or to filter out by campaign name. You need to download the reports and do everything manually if you want to get results from the platform.

There are other platforms of course, but this article is about Facebook.

Failed Customer Support by Facebook: Discrimination and Frustration

As a marketer who heavily relies on Facebook advertising, I’ve experienced firsthand the frustration of trying to get customer support from the social media giant. It’s almost impossible for someone who is just starting out to reach out to Facebook directly. 

Once you already have experience and spend at least $25K on advertising, you are getting to talk to their representative. I would call such behavior – discrimination.

The discrimination starts with the way Facebook treats its advertisers based on how much they’re spending. If you’re a big spender, you get priority support, and your issues get resolved much faster. But if you’re a small business owner or someone who’s just starting out, good luck trying to get any kind of support from them.


The support quality is also very questionable, every time I speak to their rep., they are trying you sell me on some new feature or tool that they have developed, while their grand solutions to any of my problems usually end up in increasing my advertising spend. 

It’s frustrating to know that Facebook, a company worth billions of dollars, can’t provide adequate customer support to its advertisers. As someone who has spent countless hours and dollars on the platform, I expect better treatment from them.


Business Meta Suite and why would a marketing expert use it

It’s a real question, why? Why would I, as a Marketing expert, use a Meta Suite? 

I am not into content creation, my job is to create and manage campaigns. How can I do that, with Business Meta Suite instead of Business Manager? 


According to Facebook, the benefit of the Business Meta Suite is its integration with other Facebook tools, such as Horizon Workrooms and Oculus for Business. These tools may be useful for marketers who are interested in experimenting with virtual reality or other cutting-edge technologies.


It means that Business Meta Suite is not for marketers, it services Facebook’s new agenda – to sell their new product “Oculus” glasses.
They are using Ads Manager, as their main tool to sell us their “Oculus” glasses.


Another benefit of Business Meta Suite is its focus on content creation and collaboration. While some marketers may not be directly involved in content creation, many businesses rely on a team of content creators to generate materials for their advertising campaigns. Despite these potential benefits, it’s clear that the Business Meta Suite is not a direct replacement for Business Manager when it comes to campaign management. Marketers who are primarily focused on creating and managing campaigns may find that Business Manager is still the best option for their needs. 

And that’s true, there is no replacement for Business Manager for now. But when Business Meta Suite was first represented to us, it came in as a replacement and in some cases, we couldn’t even switch back.


Cost per 1000 impressions  is always rising

I started running Facebook ads back in 2013, and the cost per 1000 impressions was different back then, than it is now. Sure there are a lot of outside factors that can impact this change like, 

A growing population of Facebook
A growing number of advertisers 

Still, you can’t know what to expect if you going to advertise to the same audience in a month or even a week.
I think Facebook and other platforms should be open about their rates, and not try to hide them. After all, we already have our credit cards linked automatically to the payment system. We would like to know how much are we going to spend for a specific audience at this time. 


In conclusion

Facebook (Meta) has been a game-changer in the world of social media and digital marketing. As a marketer who spends a lot of time using Facebook Ads Manager, I have witnessed firsthand the changes and challenges that the platform has gone through in recent years. While the iOS update and failed customer support have been a source of frustration for many advertisers, it’s important to note that Facebook’s Ad Manager is still one of the most advanced advertising systems out there.

That being said, the cost per 1000 impressions is always on the rise, and Facebook needs to be more transparent about its advertising rates. As marketers, we need to know what to expect and be able to plan our campaigns accordingly.

While Facebook’s Business Meta Suite may have its benefits, it’s not a direct replacement for Business Manager when it comes to campaign management. As a marketer, my main job is to create and manage campaigns, and Business Manager is still the best option for my needs.

It’s important to remember that Facebook still has a lot of potential, and with the right improvements and updates, it can continue to be a leading platform in the digital marketing industry. However, it’s up to Facebook to address the issues and concerns of its advertisers and to provide better communication and support. Otherwise, it risks losing its position as a top player in the industry.

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