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Grow LinkedIn Page followers without ads

Why is it important to have a big following on LinkedIn?

This topic takes me way back to when Facebook had its organic reach and every marketer out there was sharing his/her tricks and tips on how to get followers without spending on advertising.
LinkedIn, however, is a little different, it feels too serious, too professional, and most of all too expensive to just spend your budget on followers. And before we get into how and what, let’s talk first about why.

Having a large following on LinkedIn can be highly beneficial for professionals and businesses alike. 

  • First and foremost, a substantial following on LinkedIn can significantly expand your professional network, providing you with access to a wider audience of potential clients, customers, collaborators, or employers. 
  • It increases your visibility and credibility in your industry, helping you establish yourself as an influencer or thought leader. 
  • Moreover, a larger following can result in more engagement on your content, leading to increased likes, comments, and shares, which can amplify your reach and impact.
  •  It can also open doors to valuable opportunities such as partnerships, collaborations, speaking engagements, and job offers. 
  • Additionally, a sizable following on LinkedIn can provide you with a platform to showcase your expertise, share your insights, and contribute to relevant discussions, further building your professional reputation. 

In summary, a larger following on LinkedIn can enhance your professional brand, expand your network, increase your influence, and open doors to valuable opportunities, making it a crucial element in today’s competitive professional landscape.

Now, how do you get these followers for your LinkedIn Page?

Take care of your LinkedIn Profile

In order to start getting followers for your page you have to have a good-looking, professional LinkedIn Profile.

What does it mean:

  • You need to fill in the important fields, improve your images, customize your About section, and add work samples, skills, education, and experience. 
  • Start connecting with relevant people. Whenever you are looking for new business partners, customers, or a new job, you have to grow your network. Start connecting with new people on a daily basis. 
  • Start sharing content, this is super important if you want to get followers.
This is what I did with my LinkedIn profile
I have a very formal profile photo (totally different from my Facebook picture 🙂 ), a custom background image with my professional title, phone, and email (you don’t really have to provide your phone or any other contact details that you don’t want to), my title is also customized. 

I’ve also started to post 5 days a week via my personal profile. I use Airtable to help me manage my content and track engagement.


This is not a 3 step process, which will get you from point A to point B after the completion. This is now your daily routine for the next 3-6 months until you start seeing results. I recommend scheduling a specific time every time, let’s say 8 AM, to spend up to 30 minutes on your LinkedIn, following these steps. 

There is no need to improve your profile on a daily basis, you can do it only once. But there is a need to connect with new people and to share content. If you just starting I would recommend sharing content at least 3 times a week to get noticed on a platform. 

Once you’ll start growing your network, people will automatically follow you and see your content. 

How can you use this in order to grow followers on your page?

It’s simple, mention your page or share content from your page on your profile from time to time, let’s say once in two weeks. Your network will be able to see this content and as a result, engage with your page as well. 


Invite your network to Follow your LinkedIn Page – it’s FREE

This is really my favorite way to grow page followers, by simply inviting people to like it. Each month you’ll get 250 credits (that’s how LinkedIn calls it), to invite 250 people to follow your page. Each time when someone follows your page, you’ll get a credit back and can invite someone else. The credits will be updated at the begging of each month. Use this opportunity, to make sure to use all of your credits each month. It’s a numbers game. 


Create amazing, interesting, helpful, super-duper, unforgettable content. 

That’s actually common advice that you can see everywhere, but it’s not really practical or should I say not fully practical. 

That’s is really kind of obvious that you do need to have some kind of content that brings value to your followers, otherwise, there is no reason for them to follow you. But, if your page has no followers, no one will see your great, super-duper amazing content anyway. 

My advice here is to have at least 3 different posts on your page, to make it as valuable as possible and to try tagging people, pages, brands, and companies from time to time (not in every post), to get some extra attention. 

LinkedIn Groups 

Unfortunately, I found that LinkedIn groups are a waste of time. Since LinkedIn is too much of a professional network and everybody is super serious there, groups are just not working. There is no community on Facebook, everybody is pretty much keeping it to themselves. Don’t waste your time on LinkedIn Groups

Cross promoting 

If you have a good following on other social media platforms you can use them in order to promote your LinkedIn Page. As well as the use of email marketing or your email signature. All of these are a long shot, but once again, it’s a numbers game. 


You can start with your friends or colleagues who already have some following on LinkedIn and simply ask them to repost a few of your posts or to offer some kind of co-creating, or co-sharing, or hosting joint webinars or events. Leveraging the reach of influencers can help expose your LinkedIn page to a wider audience and potentially attract new followers.

Here is what I did for collaboration, 
I’ve created a podcast with different experts from the marketing industry. I have this podcast on my Youtube channel and I also share s short videos on my LinkedIn feed, while tagging the person from the podcast. 


Engage with your audience 

Respond promptly and thoughtfully to comments and messages on your LinkedIn page. Engage with your audience by asking questions, starting discussions, and encouraging them to share their insights and opinions. Building genuine relationships with your audience can foster loyalty and encourage them to follow your page.


The bottom line, it’s all about the content. Organic content on LinkedIn is not dead yet, people are reading, engaging, and asking questions on the platform. Keep creating content, analyze what works best and try to recreate it, listen to conversations on the platform, try to be helpful, and share the link to your page on the way.


You can check my LinkedIn profile and follow me for more tips about the organic grow on LinkedIn or simply book a Free Marketing Consultation with me. 

If you looking for ways to grow your followers using ads, you should check the video below. 

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