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Why Facebook Ads Do Not Work

There are a lot of reasons why Facebook advertising doesn’t work and do not deliver results. It can happen with lead generation campaigns, conversion campaigns or any other Facebook campaign objective for that matter. 

Even if you’ve done everything by the book, your advertising can fail some times. There are a lot of different things that can go wrong, in this article I will discuss five main reason for Facebook advertising failure. 

Here are five main reasons for Facebook advertising failure:


1) The advertising budget

Usually, when you are using a tiny advertising budget this can mean that your ads are not getting a fair amount of traffic from Facebook and therefore you are not getting the expected results.

You can check how to calculate your Facebook advertising budget correctly here 

When competition in your field is too high, or there are a lot of advertisers that are aiming for the same area that you are, it’s almost impossible to get results on Facebook with a minimum budget.

In order to check if this is truly the reason for you, just increase your budget by 10-15% and see if your traffic volume will increase in one to two days.


2) Audience size

This is yet another main reason for advertising failure, it happens when the audience size is too small.

Now, what is a good audience size on Facebook?

According to Facebook reps, good audience size is at least 500,000 people.

I know, that this is not usually what we used to work with, especially when we are talking about Retargeting campaigns. But the aim is to get to as many people as possible.

The trick is to start with a broader audience and after a few days to narrow it down to the more relevant targeting.


3) The copy

It happens more than you know when the copy is not attractive. You can see it simply by looking at the CTR (Click through rate) of your ad, if it’s lower than 1%, you need to change something. 


4)  The creative

Either an image or a video isn’t attractive enough for your audience. Try checking out your competitors, and see what they are up to and what kind of creatives are they using. People are used to seeing ads on Facebook and they manage to ignore them, therefore you need to have a stand-out creative. 


5) The offer isn’t attractive enough

Sometimes it’s just what you are offering. It may seem to you a good idea and a fair deal, but to people that don’t know you, it may seem not. I suggest sending the offer that you want to promote (or promoting already) to your friends or family members to check it out and provide feedback.


To summarize all these, there are many reasons for advertising failure and we never know for sure what it is. The only thing we can do is to check everything that we know can help our advertising to be successful and test it out by tweaking things here and there and hoping this will improve our results.

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