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Facebook(Meta) Business Manager Review

For all of the Campaign Managers out there – Did you see what happened to our Business Manager on Facebook (Meta)?


I am not sure what was the main idea behind this new design, or who was responsible for it, but I DO NOT LIKE IT!

This new Business Manager Suite is not helping me to do my work, it’s not designed to help me manage my accounts and campaigns. The whole idea behind it is to help out content managers to Manage Content. 

I seriously do not see any logical explanation to this new look. Why did they even bother to change anything that was working so good. 
And yes, we are all familiar with errors and bugs on Facebook, but we already have used to them and know how to deal with them as well. 

This new look is not just something we need to get used to now, but it’s the whole new way for us to Create, Manage and Optimize our campaigns. And for what? 
After going in hand with iOS update, advertising on the platform didn’t become any better. In addition to that, instead of logging into my advertising account directly I need to look for it for about five minutes between all the Facebook pages and Instagram accounts that I DO NOT CARE about as a Campaign manager, it just makes me want to quite or look for more user friendly software that will allow me to manager my ads properly. 

I am not sure what is your opinion about it, either you are excited about these new toys or as disappointed as I am. But one thing is for sure – changes are coming!

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