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The easiest way to save money on Facebook Advertising

Everyone can run a Facebook advertisement, without any previous experience or knowledge. Facebook is created that way, to make it easy for you to spend. 


There is no longer a need to use ads manager anymore, everything can easily be done directly via the Facebook page or Instagram account. 

This means that un-experienced advertisers will pay more to get results from Facebook advertising, the cost per result will be high and the conversion rate will be low. There are a lot of reasons why it can happen, but the main reason is – the wrong campaign objective. 

The Wrong Campaign Objective on Facebook can make a huge difference. 

For example, you can either pay $1 per lead or $10, as simple as that. 

Let me show you what kind of Campaign Objectives there are on Facebook, and when should you use them. 

Awareness – you should use it when there is a need to reach as many people as possible with your ads. 

What awareness campaign is actually doing?

It’s good to use this type of campaign for Branding, you won’t get any particular action done with this type of campaign. Facebook will try to show your ad/ads to as many people as it possibly can, within your targeting group. 

Traffic – this objective is used to generate traffic to your website. 

What traffic campaign is actually doing? 

It will generate clicks and website visits only, the system won’t recognize if you would like to do some specific activity. 

People will visit your website, and if your target audience is a good match for your product or service, they will stay to browse your website or to read your article. 

Engagement – this campaign objective will show your posts to people, you would be able to promote posts from your page or “dark posts”, that you will create. 

What engagement campaign is actually doing? 

It will show your post to people who probably like, share, or comment on your post. If you want them to visit your website as well or to complete a specific activity afterward, this isn’t the right campaign objective for you. 

Leads – leads generation campaign. It allows you to collect leads (contact information) differently on your Facebook page. 

If you looking to promote your services, this is the correct campaign objective for you. 

App Promotion – exactly as it sounds, if you want to promote an app, you should use this objective. 

Sales (Conversions) – This campaign will allow you to target people that are most likely will complete a specific activity on your website, such as Apply, Sign Up, Buy, Try Now, and so on. 

In order for this objective to work properly, you should implement a simple tracking on your website first, to let the system know what exactly would you like to measure as an activity. 


Facebook advertising has a lot of potentials and can be used in many different ways and for many different purposes. Anyone can use Facebook for their business, there are no limits to business industry or location except China, of course, but other than that you can target anyone from anywhere, at any given moment. 

It’s a great tool for any business, but you need to know how to use it properly.

You may also be interested to learn about retargeting to get even better results from your Facebook Advertising. 

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