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Essentials of Marketing for a Business

Not everybody understands that Marketing is an essential part of every business. 

Too often I see companies with already stable income ignore marketing completely. In some cases, they do have different business pages on Facebook and even on LinkedIn, but other than that there are no representations or social proof of any kind. 

It happens because they simply don’t see any value in marketing, and here is where they make a huge mistake.

Even if your company already has a stable income via different channels like cooperation with other companies, networking, few constant clients who’ve been working with you for years. There are still a lot of opportunities that you are missing if you don’t have a marketing department or do not use a marketing professional. 

Marketing should be an essential part of your business since it can help you grow your business, bring in new customers, and generate income from other sources. Reinvesting just a portion of your income into marketing can help you grow your business by 50-60% each year!

And the best part is, that in today’s digital age, you don’t even have to invest in the whole marketing department, in the new office, and 100 new employees. You can start by hiring a Marketing Consultant or a Marketing VP, whose job will be to recognize unused opportunities and start using proper channels to grow.

Who is the marketing consultant

A marketing consultant is a professional who specializes in advising businesses on various marketing strategies and tactics to help them achieve their goals. These consultants are experts in the field of marketing and possess the knowledge, skills, and experience to guide companies through the complexities of marketing in a rapidly changing environment.

The main things I would recommend looking for are:

  • At least 5-6 years of experience in marketing
  • Wide range of experience in advertising
  • Marketing experience with different industries (preferably B2C and B2B)  
  • Digital advertising knowledge
  • Understanding of brand development, marketing research, and strategic planning
  • Ability to read data and define business KPIs

What’s the difference between a Marketing consultant and a Marketing VP

While marketing consultant will be a freelancer or a contractor that will provide services to your company, but not exclusively. A marketing VP is someone who will have the same knowledge background but will work exclusively with your company either by contract or in a part-time/full-time position. 

Where can I find a Marketing Consultant or a Marketing VP?

If you thinking Google, don’t. That would be the last place to look. 

Try checking in with your colleagues and other business owners to see if they have someone to recommend.

Then try posting on your LinkedIn profile that you are looking for assistance. When marketers will start to reach out to you, it will be easy to check their experience on LinkedIn. 

Another way is to post a job on your LinkedIn business page, even if you are looking for a freelancer or a contractor. 

By the way, I also provide Marketing Consultation services, so you can easily Book a Free Call today. 

And, there is always a Google search, but I recommend doing your homework properly and checking the experience level before hiring. 

How Marketing Consultant can help my Business?

Start by ordering a marketing audit, to see what has been working for you so far. After this, the next step is to create a marketing strategy based on your goals. 

Business Goals:

When setting up a goal, it should be possible to measure it after a period of time. 

For example, 

  • Increase a monthly income by XX
  • Increase the number of clients per month 
  • Increase the number of orders per month
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase the number of calls 
  • Generate X number of leads per week
  • Improve leads quality
  • Get consistency with lead generation
  • And so on

In order to reach those goals, there should be a solid marketing plan. And that’s where a Marketing professional comes in handy. 

Every marketing plan usually has a few different tasks that you need to solve as a business:

  1. Content creation – different types of content, like, videos, blogs, images, and so on
  2. Website creation or an update – in order to make progress in reaching business goals, the website should be constantly updated and improved. There is basic a need for someone to take care of it almost on a daily basis
  3. Advertising  – is a must-have tool for every business


Suddenly you can find yourself overwhelmed because there is a need to understand, create, and implement a lot of different elements in order for your business to grow. 

Don’t panic, the execution of your marketing strategy is actually an easy step. The hardest one was to collect all the data, analyze it, and understand where to start. 

Marketing strategy implementation 

There are a few different approaches that I recommend, for someone who didn’t do any marketing at all. 

Hire an advertising agency 

Advertising agencies must have all the necessary staff members to execute any marketing plan. The important part here is to make sure that you have the right person to represent your interests in this case. If you’ve been working with a marketing consultant or you already have a Marketing VP, this should be a task for them. 

They should represent your company, explain exactly what needs to be done and what are the results that you are expecting. Transfer information or any materials that will be asked by an agency and keep track of their work. 

The person who should communicate with the advertising agency should be a marketing professional because he or she should understand the marketing lingo, be able to request a task, and read the marketing data. Button line, to make sure that the advertising agency is doing a good job

Hire freelancers to do an advertising agency job

This one depends on the amount of work that needs to be done. If you want to concentrate on one task first before moving on to the next, you should start by hiring just one freelancer for a job. Also, as in the case of Hiring an advertising agency, you definitely should have a supervisor to make sure that the job is done according to your marketing plan. 

Let’s  summarise what we learned here, you should never ignore marketing if you want your company to grow. Marketers can find at least 5-7 new opportunities for your business to increase your monthly income.  If you do not have a marketing department, start by hiring a Marketing Consultant or a Marketing VP, this person will make sure that your business is growing according to your business goals.

And if you still need some assistance, feel free to schedule a consultation with me.

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