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Why do you need a Facebook Page for your Business

Having a Facebook Page for Business can be overwhelming sometimes. You are not sure when to post, or what to post. Should you post something about yourself? 

Should you use a Graphic Designer or just use your phone? All of these are real questions. 

In my opinion, everything you’ll do is GOOD. 
There is no right or wrong when it comes to Facebook. 

The sole purpose of your Facebook Page is to get as much Brand Awareness as possible.  

Start posting whatever you think is right, whatever you think will be interesting to your Potential Customers. 
Share something personal, or don’t. Use only professional language, or make a joke or two. You will find out very soon what type of content is working the best for you, by the number of Reactions, Comments, and Shares. 
This is what you can call “Social Proof”.  Your audience will tell you exactly what they like, and dislike, or if they have any questions. 

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that your Potential Customers are ALL (or at least a big majority of them) using Facebook. 

And your Facebook Business Page, or should I say, Meta Business Page, is your way of directly communicating with your audience. 


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