Vidpros Google Ads Campaign

  • Name

    Vidpros Google Ads Campaign.

  • Location

    United States
  • Targeting Audience

    Video creators who are looking to outsource editing
  • Potential Clients

  • Platforms

    Google Ads

The issue: Price per lead is too high, starting price is about $300. The solution: 1. Tracking Set up; 2. Campaign Optimization; 3. Keywords Research + Negative Keywords list creation. The first thing that I did was to fix tracking for this account, account had too many different conversions that weren't working properly.  Setting them up with active conversions and using them in campaign set up, has already done the trick. For the next step, campaign optimization started. Splitting up one massive campaign into different small campaigns with just 2 or 3 ad groups, instead of keeping more than 20 ad groups in one campaign. Keyword research and negative keywords research was completed and implemented. But this step was updated on a daily basis, to maintain the lead quality. 
Results: In the first month lead price decreased from $300 to $200. Account Audit was completed in the beginning, to understand all the main issues of the account. It's important to measure everything before the start. 

Video ads were also used on YouTube, to generate new audience.