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How to Create a Lead Generation Campaign on Facebook

  • In this article, I’ll provide step-by-step instructions on How to Create a Lead-generation campaign on Facebook.

Let’s get right to it, and go over advantages of this campaign type: No Website Needed

Website creation is usually a costly and even endless thing, it takes time to create and maintain one. So if you want to start generating results quickly, a Lead Generation campaign is the one you should use

Quick turnover – although sometimes it might take some time to improve lead quality, you can start generating leads within the first day.

What do you need to create your first Lead Generation campaign? 

It’s simple, you need a Facebook page and a Facebook advertising account.

Facebook Page

You’ll need your Business Facebook Page to collect leads and also if you would like to promote on Facebook you can’t do it from your profile, you’ll need a page.

If you have a Facebook page, try filling it in with a few posts (if you don’t have them already), to make it look alive, otherwise people might think that this is some sort of scam. Take a few minutes to upload some content, even if it’s just text. 

Another thing that I would recommend for your Facebook page is your business information, fill in all the fields that might help a potential client to learn about your business.
Last but not least, is your profile image and cover image. They need to look professional. 

If you don’t have a Facebook Page, you might check my class to learn how to create one.

Advertising Account

Creating an Advertising account is easy, you can do it from your Facebook profile in just a few seconds. Make sure you have your credit card details, or your PayPal to connect them to the account.

Watch my video instruction bellow to find out how to create an advertising account.

Advertising category

There are some limitations that Facebook has for the next categories:

  • Credit – Ads for credit card offers, auto loans, long-term financing, or other related opportunities.
  • Employment – Ads for job offers, internships, professional certification programs, or other related opportunities.
  • Housing – Ads for real estate listings, homeowners insurance, mortgage loans, or other related opportunities.
  • Social Issues, elections, or politics – Ads about social issues (such as the economy, or civil and social rights), elections, or political figures or campaigns.

If your advertising isn’t one of these, then Congrats! There are no limitations for you and you can continue with campaign creation. 

But if you are, then it’s a totally different story. You might check this document ‘Choosing a special ad Category’ by Facebook, to make sure you are up to date with all of their changes.  

The next step before launching Lead Generation Campaign is Accepting Lead Ad Terms.

Agree to Lead Ad Terms

Agree to Lead Ad Terms
Without agreeing on these terms you can’t continue to advertise, so just Accept it.
Here is a URL that you should use to do it.
Please notice that If you have more than one page on Facebook, then choose the correct page first.

These terms are just there to make sure that you not going to use the data that you’ll collect to harm your leads.
This is a necessary stem that you can’t skip.

Now for the Lead Generation Campaign Creation. 

Do your homework

Before launching you should get ready with all the necessary materials. 

  1. Audience definition – you need to write down who you would like to target. Divide your audience by location, gender, age, interests, and behavior. 
  2. Ad message – create text that you are going to use for your ad. This should have consisted of a short Headline and Text itself. I recommend to have at least 3 different variations. 
  3. Ad creatives – for ad creatives, there is either an image or a short video. You should have that prepared before launching your campaign. Check out Facebook’s Guide for ad creatives

Step-by-Step Guide How to Create Lead Generation Campaign on Facebook

Step 1: Log into your Advertising account.

You’ll see ‘Campaigns’ in the title and your advertising account number.

 Step 2: Click on green ‘+ Create’ button to start with Campaign creation.

Facebook_ad account

 Step 3: Choose ‘Leads’ campaign objective and click ‘Continue’


 Step 4: Choose ‘Manual Leads Campaign’. We’ll go over all the options later, no worries. Click ‘Continue’


 Step 5: Now let’s start with the campaign Set Up. This is the screen that you’ll see at this stage. Next thing that we are going to do is to define targeting audience and create an ad with lead generation form. 


 Step 6: Define your targeting at the Ad Set level, according to what you have defined. Choose location, gender, age, and characteristics that are relevant to your audience. But first, there is a Conversion type that you need to choose. Let’s start from the top. 

Conversion definition.

For this step, we are going to use the instant form. 

There are a lot of different options that you can test out later, but for this example, we’ll concentrate on simple Instant form.


Now choose the page that you want to use. 

Performance goal option should be the default option – Maximize number of leads.

Cost per results goal – let’s leave it blank for now, since we are launching a new campaign and have no idea what the final price is going to be.

Scrolling down you will see – Budget & schedule. That part is totally up to you. 

However, I’ll recommend starting with something like $10 a day and changing it later if needed.

Now we finally got to – Audience Control, to define your audience.

 Step 6: Create an ad

Scroll to – Ad setup and start with your ad creation.

Upload an image or a video, write headline and text.

Your final ad will look something like this. 

Here are some recommendations on how to create an ad.

Headline – don’t make it too long, use 5-6 words in the headline

Text – make it clear and short as possible. This should tell a short story about your product or service. 

As for creative, there is no golden formula and I recommend testing at least 3 different variations. 

Lead form or Destination. 

Click on ‘Create form’ and start creating the form, choose ONLY the necessary fields that you need for your business. Don’t add fields that you won’t need. 

Give your form a name and click on “Save”.

And you are ready to launch. 

The last click of the button is going to be a green one – Publish

Your campaign is LIVE, Congratulations! 

Don’t forget to check it daily and track its performance. 

The fun part of getting leads is really the easiest one, when you start getting leads you will see an option to download the form right from the Advertising Manager. 

Just like you see on the image bellow

Lead generation campaign is the easier and more effective campaign on Facebook, it’s easy to create one, and almost in 99% of cases you will start generating leads immediately. 



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