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Do I Need to Use LinkedIn as a Business Owner?

Linkedin, do I have to use it for my business? 

This is a very good question to ask before jumping right away into the platform. 

Compared to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, or any other social media platform out there, LinkedIn is a little bit less social and a lot more professional. 

It’s not like your average social media platform where you can post whatever photo that you have just snapped on your phone and share it with the public, you can’t really use a lot of emojis, and your tone of voice should be professional rather than friendly. 

Now, when we got this out of the way, let’s define the platform itself. 

LinkedIn is a professional network, which means if you are in a business that provides services or products to other businesses, this platform is for you. 

For example, if your customers are probably people who are CEOs or Computer Engineers, or maybe someone who is working in Sales in the Tech Industry. This is definitely the platform to use. You can easily choose who you want to target by Job Title, Job Function, Seniority, Industry, Company Size, and so on. 


Since it is a professional network, you need to treat it accordingly.
Here are some basic rules that you need to follow:

  • LinkedIn supports 24 languages, however, it’s recommended to post in English since you are going to get the most number of impressions out of it. 
  • Don’t tag random people in your posts. On this platform, this is pure spamming and you might get a few blocks and a report.
  • Good news! You don’t have to use images of video in your posts all the time. This platform still has organic reach, and your content, your ideas, or your message matters. It means that, if you going to post something meaningful, it still might get viral even without the creative aspect. 
  • You can’t send messages to people who are not in your network and you can add a limited number of people to your network each day. 


Another question you might ask is if you should have a Business Page or if you can manage all the content from your personal profile. 

In my opinion, you definitely need to use both. 

Your business page will contain all the basic information about your business, and whoever will visit, it will be clear what are you offering and how to contact you.

Your personal account can work as a kind of advocate for your business, by increasing your personal network and sharing posts from your business page within your profile. 

Nowadays, you can check the basic statistics of who is reading your posts and visiting your page and profile, both on the business page and personal profile. While the business page will provide you with more data to analyze.


Now let’s talk about advertising

Do you need to use paid ads on LinkedIn?

Since I am a marketer, I am a big believer in paid ads. But this isn’t the only solution on LinkedIn. Since LinkedIn still has its organic reach and everyone expects to get serious content while browsing, you can generate a few leads by being consistent and creating good quality content. 

But if you want to get results fast (as we all do), then you can invest in advertising on the platform. As I said earlier, you will be able to target people by company industry, job title, seniority, and so on. The only thing you should keep in mind is the Price.
LinkedIn Advertising is pricy, compared to Google Ads or Facebook. In some cases, lead may go up to $100, and it’s a normal price to pay. That’s why you need to be in the B2B model, otherwise, it will be too expensive for you and will end up being a waste of your time.  

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