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10 Marketing Strategies for the Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is a crazy season for advertisers, we all prepare at least a few months ahead, if not at the start of the year. Since it’s time to where everyone can profit big. Just look at the stats from last year and the year before that. 

You can see the increase in sales each year, although in 2021 sales stats were almost similar to 2020, there are a lot of reasons for this to happen, as well all know – the pandemic time. But in spite of the dark times for humanity, the sales are still high. 

Everyone is advertising, everyone is trying to sell. Probably even those that didn’t do anything for a whole year long.

That’s why in order to stand out from your competition, here are some of the marketing strategies that you should use in order to do so.

  1. Create a sense of urgency – in your offer, in your message, in your creativites. Make sure that your customers are not provided with the “let me think about it option”. They need to act fast and buy fast. 

Here are some of the headlines that you can use on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform to create a sense of urgency:

  • Act now

  • Apply now

  • Enroll now

  • Save now

  • Limited time offer

  • Get Instant Access

  • Only X days left

  • Hurry up, the sale is ending tomorrow!

  • Don’t miss your chance 

  • Try it right now

  1. Use social media platforms for advertising, since the Black Friday campaign is a visual campaign, even if people are not willingly looking to buy something, you can attract them with your image or video. 

  2. Set up a chatbot for faster support – don’t waste your time chatting with your customers. Set up a chatbot with FAQs to answer their questions. 

  3. Referral codes – people love referral codes. Offer a special discount on your website with the referral code

  4. Optimize your website for Black Friday – use Black Friday as a pop-up, change your website theme, use it as a keyword and let everyone who visits know that you are having a sale

  5. Create a blog post on your website about Black Friday. For example, you can write about gift ideas or the best purchases this time of year

  6. Email campaign – create an email campaign for your existing customers

  7. Give a free gift with each purchase – free gifts are always a great idea to attract more customers. 

  8. Offer recommendations on your website, to make your customers buy more. 

  9. Retargeting – retarget your current customers to let them know that you are having a Black Friday sale. 

These strategies should help you to prepare for the Black Friday season and to be a part of the Sale Stats of 2022.


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