Increasing sales by 91% for a Burger Joint

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    Increasing sales by 91% for a Burger Joint.

    Burger Joint
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    Everyone who is hungry and would like a tasty burger.
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Increasing sales by 91% for a Burger Joint

My Marketing Strategy:  The main goal was to increase sales for the client, since there was a super high competition in the area, we needed to boost the branding and make people talk about our burgers to generate demand.  Since targeting by competitors was too expensive, I choose to run a Display campaign using images and videos at my disposal as well as a Dynamic Search Campaign, since usually, people are not planning a week ahead to buy a burger, their reaction is immediate and so should be our response.  The General Search campaign was limited by the opening hours of the Joint, while the Display campaign was running 24/7 to boost brand awareness. 
Results: Annual Account ROI was 5.7; Sales have improved by 91%; Maximum orders in 1 day - 247