Marketing to Younger Audiences

  • Name

    Attracting the Tough Crowd: Marketing to Younger Audiences.

    Local High School
  • Location

    Haifa, Israel
  • Targeting Audience

  • Potential Clients

    Teenagers ages 14-16  (Under aged)
  • Platforms

    Google, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok

Proud projects that make us stand out

My Marketing Strategy:  Create a message that will attract new students to sign up for next year. Four different offers were created The issue: Social media platforms do not allow targeting with conversion campaigns. It means that it will be difficult to track the results and optimize campaigns on social media. In addition to that, limited targeting use, no interests, lookalikes, or retargeting can be applied. The solution: The "Traffic" objective was used instead of the "conversion" campaign objective Customized UTMs were used for each ad and social media platform Creative is the key to this campaign. Since this is the only thing that can be controlled in this campaign.
Results: Amount of Leads that were generated - 321 Amount of calls that were generated - 64 The goal was - 260 sign ups